Sebastian Werner - Project Lead
Sebastian Werner - Project Lead


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As part of the Smile-Project we are interested in migrating data intensive applications. During the first month of the project we startet to look at existing projects in that space, by performing a systematic literatur study.

Based on this we were already able to identify nine interesting frameworks. We plan to release the full study later this year, but here is a teaser of the frameworks we found so far. All show potential and follow a similar application model, that we might use in SMILE as well.

Name Link Released
PyWren 10.1145/3127479.3128601 2017
IBM PyWren 10.1145/3284028.3284029 2018
gg ATC 2019 2019
Flint 10.1109/CLOUD.2018.00063 2018
CloudButton 2019
Lambada 10.1145/3318464.3389758 2019
Starling 2019
CRUCIAL 10.1145/3361525.3361535 2019
Locus 10.5555/3323234.3323251 2019